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Since I got back from Russia last month, I've only managed to catch Batman Begins in the GSC Cinema. It was really good and I really enjoyed it since I'm a Batman fan since I was a kid, and Nolan had managed to capture the right essence for a Batman movie and none of those silly campy stuff. Other than that, I watched Spanglish which I thought was really good and Thai horror Shutter for the umpteenth time with my sister, both on DVDs. Last I heard, Hollywood is doing a remake on Shutter. I guess they're really running out of ideas on making a good horror, if they're stealing ideas from us Asians . Hungry Ghost Festival is fast approaching, which means there'll be more Asian horror fest hitting the local cinemas and more long-haired female ghost flitting about and old Chinese grandmothers forbidding children playing hide and seek in the evenings.
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