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Strangely, neither my gf at the time or his gf had felt the need to express their emotions so loudly
Wot the hell kind of girls do you and your bro go with that don't get all mushy now and then? If I were a girl I'd swoon at your feet to see you shed even a single tear. Hell, I'd swoon at you anyhow!

< swoons >

Originally Posted by Orange Brat
I just shed a couple tears at the very end of Breakfast at Tiffany's. Does that make me a softy? It was the cat part......I promise.
I'm surprised girls don't chase after you for that. Or have you yet to tell me they did?

I got all mushy there, too. But not just for the cat, I got all choked up when Lula May finally admitted her groundlessness in herself. How existential of her!
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