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I finally rented and watched Spider-Man 2 just now. WTF is my problem that I'm such a softie??? I was probably a fricking girl in a past life - eiw. I cried when....well, you know, at the end and all.

Originally Posted by Once A Villain
...I just can't wait to hear your thoughts on Million Dollar Baby.
It is damn beautiful. Didn't Eastwood win an Oscar for Best Director? The movie felt so......natural, unforced, big in its smallness. An excellent character study of 2 people out to prove themselves and in the end intertwining spiritually and emotionally. It's startlingly incredible, the unexpected and agonizing forms self-redemption and self-affirmation can take. One magnificent transcending film.

1. Do the Right Thing
2. Short Cuts
Saw them both, liked them both. I've always admired Altman. Have you seen Pret a Porter, his send up of the high fashion world? Altman showing his lighthearted side.

We've also seen Lost In Translation, which I adored! Again, another elegant, unforced naturalistic direction, this time by Francis Ford Coppola's brilliant daughter, Sofia. As lighthanded and nearly invisible as her directing is, she somehow managed to impregnate this movie with so many metaphors of physical, emotional, and spiritual displacement, feelings of life as a clinical passage, and unfamiliarity as a kind of focusing lens that puts into sharp relief things we don't usually notice - or choose not to notice - when we're 'at home'. I could watch this movie again and again.
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