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Originally Posted by mag
For all practical purposes, isn't material that you need a hack to access pretty much the same as a mod? I just can't see why the developer should be responsible for something like that.

And is it just me, or is Hillary becoming more senile in her old age? I guess she's just trying to show her moral values for her presidential run, but it seems like every time I start to not dislike her as much she goes and says something totally insane like this. If she would stop acting like a crazy old bitch, I might be able to get behind her in 2008.

Hi Mag, she's definitely not my favorite potential candidate, but I guess she feels she has to swing to the center to have any shot at the presidency in 2008. And this stupid move she's making smacks of Bill Clinton's Sista Soulja moment in 1992. Maybe at somepoint she'll remember she's a member of the democrats and not the republican lite.
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