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Originally Posted by Intrepid Homoludens
It's probably satellite connection.

We had an 'official' AG irc chat room before, but it didn't turn out popular enough. I do like the idea, but I don't like irc, it's not.......sophisticated enough. Something is lacking about it that makes ongoing chats unsatisfying.

Actually what I would LOVE is a semi-persistent AG Counter-Strike Source 'chat' room. You know, where some of us can play against each other as a team, while others (those who suck at FPSs ) can simply spectate and gossip amongst themselves.
Bah, that's what IRC is for! You idle on IRC while you're playing CS, and come back occasionally to call your opponents fags and n00bs. Everyone knows that!

Incidentally, for those of us not willing to play on American servers with 120+ pings, I'm admin on a dedicated server that has a CS:S server and a Plan of Attack server. Player limits can be adjusted to make as much room as is needed. I'll provide the IPs if anyone (Huz!) is interested. We ran HL2DM for awhile too, but it likes to kick processors in the balls (80% CPU load with about 5 players online...), so it didn't last long
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