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I have just a few film DVDs:

Kissing a Fool
My favorite romantic comedy, if we don't consider Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind to be one. Jason Lee rules!

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Double feature with both 1932 and 1941 versions. Ingrid Bergman was so beautiful

The Windsor Protocol
Don't ask, bought it because of Lisa Bronwyn Moore.

Bride of the Monster

Dancer in the Dark

Godzilla Millenium

A poor movie, but a great DVD edition and a neat soundtrack. Tim Curry in an awful role.

Repo Man
I'm still not decided whether it's a piece of trash or a masterpiece.

Bad Taste
A dissapointment. Can't believe where he went from there.

Batman: The Movie
The best Batman ever? Gotta love the Bat-Shark Repellent



What a classic! I thought it's laughable at first, but it's possibly the most ambitious Boorman film. A great story, not so great realisation. And Sean Connery in a wedding dress

21 Gram/Storytelling (double feature)

Ghost World

H. G. Wells' Time Machine
The 1960 original, not the remake.

Apart from some music DVDs, that's it. I have many more DivX/XviD movies, though
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