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Default Do you have a DVD collection?

Do you have a DVD/VHS collection? It's always interesting to see what other film buffs are into these days. Here's mine:

I've sold over one hundred, so this list has gone through the chopper over the past few months. I've started building it back up, though. I wish there was a service like this for CDs.

High definition DVD is on the way, and I'm going to have to make some choices on what gets upgraded and what is good enough for plain ol' DVD. I'm really hoping the 4-layer Blu-Ray DVD becomes the standard, but I fear that's a pipe dream. It holds a whopping 100GB of data. The current standard is somewhere around 54GB and HDDVD is a mere 45GB. The studios are negotiating behind the scenes to agree on a single format(just like they did with standard DVD), so I think the choice is clear on which one should prevail.
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