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Originally Posted by Wormsie
MOD music support... MOD is not a pure-sound -like format. MOD contains samples and pattern data, and thus a mod reader would have to be a bit more difficult to program.
I don't know if this was directed at me, but I'm guessing it was, since I brought up MO3 and I don't recall anyone talking about MOD-formats before. MO3 is a slightly more modern variation on the theme of MOD-formats, in that it supports high-quality OGG-compressed samples. I like this beacuse I can get a lot smaller files than if I were to store the same music as OGG. Since my game will be available for free download, that saving in filesize is a big plus. The end result would have been an around 20-30 MBs larger download if I'd used OGG music, and it still can be made to sound decent.

MOD is also a dead format. (Yes, you can link to as many tracker sites as you want, but it's still dead.)
It doesn't matter if the format is dead, since the only one that has to bother with it is me. The game player will never know the difference. (Yes, working with a tracker is clunky. Being a classically trained musician that have some experience with good music software, I absolutely agree there, but I think it's worth it anyway. At least for me.)

And you can record it to other formats, too.
Yes, but its main advantage to me is the size. If I were to have OGG-music, I wouldn't create it with a tracker.
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