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As far as AGAST goes, it seemed fast and had a number of things like alpha-blending and such IIRC, however their scripting system seemed pretty complex to me at the time, and although SLUDGE is also a script driven system SLUDGE seemed a bit easier to use.

Plus the author of AGAST seemed to think it was the best thing since sliced bread...

As far as AGS the big beef I had with that mostly is that it was slow, like I said in that old post, on a pII 400mhz computer at 320x200x256 the games seemed a bit sluggish almost hard to play. But at that time it was highly unoptimized. I'd definately go for lower res or lower colors if the engine is fast. If you want people playing it you don't want something that's way slow. Especially since adventure games are still (since they were no longer commercially viable) a niche market (slowly coming back, but still in it's early stages)...
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