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Hello, my name is Keith, and I go on the boards and on irc as Uhfgood -- Someone pointed me to this thread, as he had read a message I posted on the 2dnow forums a long time ago...

I figure you guys would be interested in reading it -

Please keep in mind that this is old, and i've since learned SLUDGE carries a proper license for it's sound libraries... Other than that the message is still somewhat relavent. The only thing to add is Visionaire didn't have any english documentation at the time I wrote this, and I couldn't properly evaluate it.

So please don't lambaste me about SLUDGE and sound... otherwise you can disagree, argue, agree, praise me about anything in that post.

Also if you do wish to reply to the post, please do so in here, as this post on 2dnow is quite dated...
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