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AGS does support OGG, yeah.

As for limitations, yes, there are a number, but I don't think it's much of an issue. Some people have come close, and asked CJ (engine's creator) to raise them. So he did I suspect all the engines have some virtual limitations, they just don't tell you what they are. Infinite numbers would bog the system down majorly I reckon.

As for the speeds at which AGS runs compared to other engines, I dunno, I have a fast processor... However, AGS is always been enhanced (the latest version has reached about 20 betas, each of them adding and fine-tuning features), so it may be much faster than the last time you checked. Dunno.

The 'strange palette system' is for customisable palettes, something I think 8-bit artists want (don't ask me though, I'm no artist)

Conversation systems, like all GUI aspects, can be customised, yes.

As for speed at higher reses, pff, who needs anything above 640x400 anyway?!
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