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Originally Posted by AGA
as long as you use a special MP3-free version of the engine. This is due to the MP3 people wanting huge fees to use their codecs in your product, rather than any restriction imposed by AGS's creator. The other-codecs-only version is fine for you to sell games made using (as evidenced by the relative success of The Adventures of Fatman.
Does AGS support OGG? It's the format I'm using since it's, as you probably know, open source.

I think AGS's community is its strongest point over SLUDGE, although the people on the SLUDGE forums are very helpful and respond to your questions very quickly as well.

The many windows and options in AGS are a little too much for me. I think the UI should be made more efficient and user-friendly. Perhaps by grouping things together, instead of the many windows for all these different options.

Also, and I'm not too sure about this, but I think I read somewhere that AGS has certain limitations, for example a maximum amount of objects, strings, etc...

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