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Oh well, different strokes...

Personally I prefer being able to set up visual things, such as room objects and GUIs using a GUI, it allows for more precision, and lets you see how stuff will appear in game. Of course the actual functionality of the GUI and objects is all done in code, which gives you greater control over what stuff does. Events are entirely codeable if that's what you want, btw, all you HAVE to use the editor for is to set up the initial 'interact with object x' thing. Everything after that you can specifiy yourself. This is to ensure that you don't mess up the coding and have 50 different objects with the same name, and have your game crash, I think.

You can make do with an absolute minimum usage of the GUIs - just use it for setting up rooms and importing sprites/character views. If you so desire (and I do), you can script everything else by hand.

Of course you're entitled to prefer another engine because of the way it works, but I find AGS has the perfect blend - you could theoretically create entire games with a minimum of coding if programming scares you, or you could make it almost entirely using programming, adding far more advanced features the GUI doesn't handle. Depends what you want...

If you do prefer coding more though, you might like to try one of the latest betas of AGS, with the new scripting style. Things have been overhauled quite substantially.
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