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I don't think other engines are that much harder to use if it is a professional-quality game you are wanting to develop. I've tried AGS and my first impressions weren't that good. I dislike the separation of setting the game up and learning to code. These days I find a good GUI almost essential, but I still prefer mainly programming-based things. For example GUIs and events (LookAt, TalkTo) I'd prefer to code rathert than to partly design graphically and partly as code. Setting up a scene in the game is of course easier graphically, as is setting up the game animations. When it comes to other kind of content, though, it's so much easier to just start tinkering with the code than to go through an extensive tutorial to learn the UI, because eventually you need to learn to code anyway... The less programming-oriented you want your engine to be, the more you have to develop the IDE system, but no IDE is comprehensive enough to replace code altogether.
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