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Default BloodRunner Cast Here

My name is Scott and I was the voice of Gumshoe, the BloodRunner himself. If you're talking about the web 'toon that was the Jinx/Pulse production a couple of years back? I did some other voices for BloodRunner, and a few voices for animated characters on XciteXtreme. I've been trying to track down the BloodRunner episodes, because I never got copies or videos of them! I thought it was a great idea (Osmosis Jones, feh!) and really enjoyed working on it. I have a home recording setup, and just wanted to let folks on this forum know if you are working on a personal project or developing a game, and you'd like some professional voice talent (20 years of performing/teaching Improv in San Francisco plus numerous PS2 and N64 and other games, animated shorts, etc.) then I'd love to collaborate with you! I use SoundForge 7.0 and can record in 24 bit stereo, save it as any format you like. I can also do SFX and mixes via AcidPro 4.0. Acid also gives me the ability to sync audio to video. To be clear, I'm not fishing for $$ here, I have a day gig, but I would like to offer to collaborate with other creative types, doing something I do well, to have some fun, and to see what comes out of it. Scratch tracks for a game pitch, voices for some web animation, whatever.
You can contact me at improviz @ ( I have purposely inserted spaces in my address to foil 'bots, just take the spaces out if you write to me). Hope to hear from someone with a project! Scott

We have some ideas for a Mojo sequel we're tossing around, and of course I'd like to make BloodRunner, which is a game concept that Alex and I put our hearts into. We took the time to develop something right and wrote a game treatment BEFORE we did any production.<<
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