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Jim Saighman

Staff Bio

Born to a pair of world-famous spelunkers, I was orphaned at the tender age of 34 when my parents were tragically (and messily) eaten by a horde of grues.  I suddenly found myself thrust out into the “Real World.”  I promptly punched the remote and turned on Jeopardy! instead.

A rough few years ensued, during which I jumped from job to job… trainer for a two-bit flea circus here…. political consultant there… anything for a quick buck.  At last I settled into the job I was meant for:  making the woman of my dreams happy.  Fortunately, she works longer hours than I do, so I have time to write little bits of advice and opinion for the underinformed, the argumentative, and those born as curious and discriminating as I fancy myself to be.

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Articles by Jim Saighman:

MISSING: Since January (aka In Memoriam) review

With MISSING now on sale in North America, we revisit our review of this game in its original incarnation.

Review score - 4 Read the review » Jun 29, 2004

URU: Ages Beyond Myst review

After months of patience, we've simply been left with no choice but to call this game as mediocre as it is.

Review score - 2.5 Read the review » Feb 4, 2004

URU Diaries: Part 2

Having conquered the single-player component, Jim now chronicles his journey into the Prologue of URU Live.

Read more Jan 6, 2004

URU Diaries: Part 1

Jim takes his first journey into the land of URU and gives us his impressions of the single-player portion.

Read more Nov 29, 2003

Traitors Gate 2: Cypher review

Here we have our first serious contender for worst adventure of the year.

Review score - 1 Read the review » Nov 19, 2003

The Neverhood review

Flashback Friday: One of the most daring and original adventures ever is also one of the most brilliant.

Review score - 4.5 Read the review » Oct 23, 2003

Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Rose Tattoo review

Flashback Friday: The first Lost Files was a classic; how does the sequel stack up?

Review score - 3.5 Read the review » Sep 23, 2003
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