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Angella Mooney

Staff Bio

/images/bio_angella.jpg width=160 height=185 title=“Angella loves adventure games!” align=right vspace=5 hspace=5 border=1
Angella began gaming in the days of Zork, and has been addicted ever since. She is attaining a Bachelor’s in Digital Animation at the moment. Angella is a strong believer in the resurrection of the adventure genre.

Favorite games: Gabriel Knight series, King’s Quest, Zork, Grim Fandango





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Articles by Angella Mooney:

Ring II review

Review score - 1 Read the review » Nov 14, 2002

Adam D. Bormann interview

Read interview May 20, 2002

Isabelle review

Review score - 0.5 Read the review » May 19, 2002

Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars review

Broken Sword (Circle of Blood in the US) might sound like a fighting game at first, but is in fact an adventure gaming masterpiece.

Review score - 5 Read the review » May 19, 2002
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