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Emily Morganti

Staff Bio
Avatar fov

Emily is a freelance writer and adventure game enthusiast who lives in Northern California. Writing samples, deep thoughts, and a disturbingly large volume of dollhouse pictures can be found on her website. Follow her on Twitter @fovlet.

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Articles by Emily Morganti:

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Eye on iOS #6 Article

Eye on iOS: Volume 6

There are slew of Telltale and DS ports available, plus a howling puzzler, a TV-licensed kids' game, and even a Dragon's Lair-style romance gets in on the iOS act.

Read more Aug 24, 2012
Deponia Article

Deponia review

Daedalic's trash-filled romantic comedy is largely a treasure, using every old-school trick at its disposal.

Review score - 3.5 Read the review » Jul 2, 2012
The Cave Article

The Cave archived preview

Some early spelunking in this unique new adventure let us probe the deep, dark recesses of Ron Gilbert's mind.

Adventures in Narrative: Home and The Thirty Nine Steps Article

Adventures in Storytelling: Home and The Thirty Nine Steps

Two unique interactive experiences were on display at the Games Developers Conference, and our first-look tells the story.

Read more Apr 25, 2012
Walking Dead Article

The Walking Dead archived preview

With the full course due later this month, our first look at Telltale's new zombie series offers an early morsel to digest.

Cognition Article

Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller archived preview

Our first look at Phoenix Online's upcoming episodic thriller gave us lots to think about at the Game Developers Conference.

Eye on iOS #5 Article

Eye on iOS: Volume 5

From Kaptain Brawe to Touch Detective, our fifth iOS round-up restores some law & order to the App Store's chaotic library of ports and original adventure releases.

Read more Feb 1, 2012
To the Moon Article

To the Moon review

It may be light on gameplay, but this poignant interactive drama rockets to the top of the list of emotionally powerful adventures.

Review score - 4 Read the review » Nov 30, 2011
Catherine Article

Catherine review

Part interactive drama, part action-puzzler, this unique psychological romance doesn't cheat players on either depth of story or engaging gameplay.

Review score - 4 Read the review » Nov 4, 2011
Emily the Strange: Strangerous Article

Emily the Strange: Strangerous review

The saucy goth child and her cats come to Nintendo DS, but Emily's first puzzle-adventure is as derivative as it is strange.

Review score - 3 Read the review » Aug 31, 2011
Get Lamp Article

Documentary Film Review: Get Lamp

No need to parse words: if you don't watch this inspired DVD film documentary on the history of text adventures, you are likely to be eaten by a grue.

Read more Aug 12, 2011
Eye on iOS #4 Article

Eye on iOS: Volume 4

From Stauf's mansion to Amerzone; from Russian folklore to Shakespeare, we present our next one-tap adventure tour through the App Store.

Read more Jul 8, 2011
Puzzle Agent 2 Article

Puzzle Agent 2 hands-on archived preview

We braved the cold and gnomes once again in Scoggins, Minnesota to bring you an early look at Telltale's quirky puzzling sequel.

Eye on iOS #3 Article

Eye on iOS: Volume 3

From Coktel to Kheops, our latest round-up of iPhone adventures is the 411 of classic ports and episodic excusive debuts.

Read more May 6, 2011
Lucius Article

Lucius archived preview

Hot damn! We managed to snag a sneak peek at the upcoming demonic-themed adventure, plus some behind-the-scenes insight from the developers.

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