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Steve Brown

Staff Bio
Avatar stepurhan

Steve is an accountant by day and an amateur poet by night (with some crossover. Accountancy based poetry is the next big thing) He also has a well-deserved reputation for wearing loud shirts.

He has been playing adventures since the days when the Commodore 64 was cutting edge technology. Whilst he hasn’t written a game himself he helped out on Five Magical AmuletsFive Lethal Demons, Frasse and the Peas of Kejick, Princess Marian X, Chivalry is Not Dead, Dirty Split and this site’s very own Christmas Quest 3. He has a walk-on (well standing around) part in Des Rêves Élastiques Avec Mille Insectes Nommés Georges. He hopes to continue helping to bring quality games to the adventuring public in the future. He also gets a passing mention in the credits of [game=356]Darkness Within : In Pursuit of Loath Nolder[/game].

All of the following facts about Steve are true (for a limited value of truth)

[list]He has two poems published internationally.

One of his shirts won an award voted for internationally.

His name once appeared on the cover disc of a leading Czech gaming magazine.[/list]

As Freeware Coordinator for the site, Steve constantly scours the net for new free games to bring to the attention of the gaming public.

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Articles by Steve Brown:

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Following Freeware: December 2011 releases

The quest for all the latest indie adventures took us through maniacal mansions to outer space and beyond.

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Girl with a Heart of Article

Girl with a Heart of review

Its unique fantasy story never skips a beat, but a lack of meaningful interaction breaks the potential immersion.

Review score - 2.5 Read the review » Jan 10, 2012
Following Freeware 16 Article

Following Freeware: November 2011 releases

Who knows when you'll have time to play the past month's top indie releases, but the latest text competition settles the matter of IF.

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Following Freeware: October 2011 releases

There's plenty of free indie goodness to snack on this month, and our latest round-up has all the details.

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Following Freeware 14 Article

Following Freeware: September 2011 releases

There are plenty of Ooo's and aah's awaiting as we lead you through the last month's collection of indie adventures.

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Following Freeware 13 Article

Following Freeware: August 2011 releases

There's room for all kinds of creative free adventures in our latest monthly round-up.

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Following Freeware 12 Article

Following Freeware: July 2011 releases

There are some bright jewels among the slew of free indie adventures we unearthed last month.

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Following Freeware 11 Article

Following Freeware: June 2011 releases

From Blade Runner and Blackwell parodies to H.P. Lovecraft, there's plenty to crow about in the latest round of free indie adventures.

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Following Freeware 10 Article

Following Freeware: May 2011 releases

We climbed the highest mountains and plunged the deepest Chron-O-John to share our latest round-up of freeware adventures.

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Following Freeware 9 Article

Following Freeware: April 2011 releases

Perusing our round-up of new freeware indie titles is like a walk in the park... but beware the pigeons!

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Following Freeware 8 Article

Following Freeware: March 2011 releases

It's a freeware party and you're all invited, with a smorgasboard of March adventures to choose from.

Read more Apr 23, 2011
What Makes You Tick 2 Article

What Makes You Tick: A Stitch in Time review

This commercial indie adventure seamlessly weaves eye-popping visuals and solid gameplay into an intriguing yarn.

Review score - 4 Read the review » Mar 28, 2011
Following Freeware 7 Article

Following Freeware: February 2011 releases

There's a royal selection of freeware adventures this month, and our latest round-up has all the details.

Read more Mar 16, 2011
Demonic Dollhouse Article

The Demonic Dollhouse review

This short commercial indie adventure sure looks good, but it's damned by wicked timed puzzles and hellish control issues.

Review score - 1.5 Read the review » Mar 7, 2011
Following Freeware 6 Article

Following Freeware: January 2011 releases

The only cost for these new freeware adventures is the price of paying attention to our latest monthly round-up.

Read more Feb 11, 2011

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