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When not writing and composing music for countless other projects (both personal and commercial), Randall Rigdon holds a place in his heart for adventure games and the future of interactive entertainment. Favorites include Riven, Obsidian, Broken Sword, Blade Runner, Day of the Tentacle, and Jet Set Radio Future.

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Articles by Randall Rigdon:

Lumino City review

This delightfully charming hand-modeled adventure is sure to brighten any puzzle-lover's day, though its story is only paper-thin.

Read the review » Dec 22, 2014

Dream Revenant review

This iOS exclusive provides a memorable exploration into the subconscious, though some technical difficulties will pinch you back to reality.

Read the review » Sep 24, 2014

Lifeless Planet review

This alien world exploration gets a boost from its creative environmental puzzles, but is let down by its flimsy story and repetition.

Read the review » Jul 18, 2014

Adventures at E3 2014

Quietly tucked in amidst the glitz and glamour were a host of promising adventures that we witnessed first-hand.

Read more Jul 4, 2014

FRACT OSC review

This brilliantly innovative, surreal 3D puzzler will surely strike a chord with the musically-inclined.

Read the review » Apr 23, 2014

Mount Olympus review

This casual mobile puzzler never rises above the limitations of its short but repetitive gameplay.

Read the review » Apr 15, 2014

Ferris Mueller’s Day Off review

Interested in an exclusive mobile Western mobile that abandons its parodist premise for absurd humour and tedious gameplay? Anyone?

Read the review » Apr 2, 2014

The Lost City review

A tropical setting and seasonal changes entice the eye, but poor navigation and an abrupt ending muddle this mobile game’s impact.

Read the review » Dec 16, 2013

Blackbar review

Mad Libs meets text adventure in this innovative iOS storytelling experiment, providing a fascinating view of a dystopian world of censorship, though much of it is blacked out at first.

Read the review » Dec 6, 2013

Journey of a Roach review

This short but charming cartoon bug adventure will have you climbing the walls for all the right reasons.

Read the review » Nov 22, 2013

Lost Echo review

This is a must-play adventure for iOS owners... This is a must-play adventure for iOS owners...

Read the review » Oct 7, 2013

The Curse of Shadow House review

With shades of The 7th Guest, this haunted house puzzler offers an uneven but reasonably entertaining bite-sized mobile adventure.

Read the review » Sep 23, 2013