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Comment on Following Freeware - May 2015 releases article:
DrewClue DrewClue
Jun 29, 2015

How do you guys find these freeware releases every month?

Comment on Kholat article:
Ninjabynight Ninjabynight
Jun 27, 2015

It’s true that finding a site marks it on your map, but I found that to be a poor substitute to actually seeing your position marked on it. It’ll let you know where you are at that minute, but if you stray from camp or get turned around while nowhere near any markers, you’re lost again. Yes, there are moments when you’ll figure out your position, but it seems like a grievous oversight.

(Besides, speaking in terms of realism, how could you mark a spot on a map if you didn’t know where you were?)

Comment on Kholat article:
Jun 27, 2015

The map is very important as it tells you the latitude/longitude of each location you must visit although making custom markers would have been nice. Also each location or document visited immediately shows a red icon so you know exactly where you are once you’ve found one.

Equally important is the fact the compass is still in Russian - I couldn’t make heads or tails of it until half way through the game when I looked up what the Russian abbreviations are of each direction.

Once you figure these 2 things out finding things is mostly a breeze except for the purposely confusing caves.

Comment on Daedalic Preview: Anna's Quest and AER article:
Jackal Jackal
Jun 25, 2015

Yep. (For future reference, even if it’s not mentioned in the article, you can easily tell by looking at the game’s info box in the upper right corner.)

Comment on Daedalic Preview: Anna's Quest and AER article:
Jun 25, 2015

So Anna’s Quest releases the second of July?

Comment on Black Mirror III article:
Jun 22, 2015

Hello there. I want to play the entire series. Should i start from the second game or with the 1st, though it’s really old?

Thanks a lot.

Comment on Daedalic Preview: Anna's Quest and AER article:
Advie Advie
Jun 20, 2015

now Daedalic is pushing the hype with their upcoming releases off limit,  really.

not sure how i feel about AER since the main aspect (puzzles) havent been revealed, but there is no harm in taking a successful approach as Dreamfall,  but i swear if this turned out to be a kind of a similiar approach to ttgs,  i am going to abandon Daedalic,  or maybe adventure gaming.


Comment on Tales from the Borderlands article:
Jun 19, 2015

Well, right from the get-go I find myself bored out of my mind.
This game claims to be a crossover between adventure games and the first-person shooter style that Borderlands is known for.

As someone who’s being playing adventure games for… two decades now… who has ALSO played the Borderlands (and Fallout) games, I can honestly report that “Tales From The Borderlands” doesn’t do either Adventure OR Action particularly well.

There’s almost no game play to speak of here.
The “Adventure” scenes consist of moving in one direction, and clicking on a set number of items in the scene to move to the next long-running cinematic scene. There’s no open exploration, no use of inventory items, nothing. The descriptions of the few things you can examine are funny, but serve no purpose in the game and are often completely out of context to what’s happening in the game. I have to wonder - why bother with them at all?

The Action sequences involve hitting a single key - *when prompted to hit that key*. Sometimes you need to click your mouse in a general area before the timer runs out, again, when prompted. That’s it. Again, I have to wonder why they bother.

The cinematic sequences themselves are punctuated with frequent “dialogue choices” that are supposed to influence the sequence of events, which are also timed. I found these particularly annoying - especially once I discovered that the choices seem to influence very little about the game - and serve only to interrupt my enjoyment of watching what is essentially an animated graphical novel. And a clichéd one, at that.

If you DO get so bored that doing almost *anything* else seems more exciting (like myself on numerous occasions) don’t exit the game until you see the flashing blue Borderlands logo, otherwise you’ll have to sit through another 5-7 minutes of cinema. 

Sorry, Telltale… pick a genre and go with it. Adventure game, Action/Shooter, or graphical novel/animated movie. Not all three.


Comment on Subject 13 article:
Jun 19, 2015

If ever a game needed a hotspot indicator it’s this one.

Half of the challenge is finding the right area or object to go to or manipulate. Over time this became extremely annoying.

The review is generous, I would avoid this title unless frustration is something you enjoy.

Comment on Toren article:
jaap jaap
Jun 18, 2015

sounds a lot like the double fine amnesia fortnight White Birch prototype from 2012, was also heavily inspired by ICO and had the main character (also a girl) climb a tower. BTW Toren is tower in Dutch

Comment on House of Fire breaks silence on new tablet adventure news:
lewuz lewuz
Jun 15, 2015

Back in 2011 when i read this news, i was intrigued, but disappointing that its not for PC. Now when it is for PC i’m glad to say the game is absolutely fantastic!
Anyway, actually I wanted to point out how this news got the developer’s name wrong, twice. Grin House of Fire instead of House on Fire.

Comment on Subject 13 article:
Jun 14, 2015

The game felt like a mix of the Zero Escape games and The Room series with some hidden object gameplay thrown in. Agree with the three star rating. Enjoyable and worth playing but unoriginal.

Comment on Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today article:
lewuz lewuz
Jun 14, 2015

” there’s no way to entirely bypass the vision” - but there are. Press Esc key and its over. Smile

“there are some items that I never did find a use for, which makes me wonder if a replay would reveal things I missed the first time around” - i can’t remember about items but one conversation left me wondering did i missed something. The nurse in hospital wanted Michael to speak with her father. But I didn’t find a way to do it.

Comment on Technobabylon article:
lewuz lewuz
Jun 14, 2015

Is this review about the same Technobabylon I played? I can’t remember a review from AG where I have disagreed in so many points than in this article. Tongue I agree on the major point though - Technobabylon is great!

“can probably expect to finish the game in under six hours.” - I’m not so sure. Probably on second playthrough, playing it spreedrunningishly. But if player want to investigate, explore, read and hear everything, it would take hours more imho. For me it took MANY hours more, but I also replayed sections with alternate dialogue and path options, triad all AI modules on bots etc.

Comment on Demetrios cynically targeting early 2016 launch news:
Jun 14, 2015

Thank you very much for the news! Smile

For anyone interested, we’re talking about the game development on the Adventure Gamers forum here :

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