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Comment on The Last Door article:
Jul 28, 2014

Well I Don’t Know to me this is getting ridiculous, I understand the retro feel and everything, but I feel like they are abusing the the retro feel.

Next game will be what? Pong graphics?

I appreciate every kind of style, but sometimes it feel to me like an easy way out of making decent graphics.

Comment on Adventure Hour: Stranded, The Moon Sliver article:
Galvanic_Spiral Galvanic_Spiral
Jul 27, 2014

Cool double-header, guys. Although I have trouble with first-person games, since it’s so short I might have to pick up Moon Sliver.

Actually, both of these games seem right up my alley, and Moon Sliver reminds me (vaguely) of a short story I wrote recently. I enjoy experimentalism in games a bit more than the average Joe, so these seem like definite winners for my taste.

Comment on Gods Will Be Watching launch trailer video:
Jul 25, 2014

Arrrgh, bought this on a whim and regretting it. The difficulty is unforgiving, and doesnt give you a chance to start having fun before you just lose over and over.

Comment on Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper article:
tsa tsa
Jul 24, 2014

I’m about at three quarters of the game I think, and enjoying it immensely. The thoroughness with which all is researched and Holmes’ way of finding out the facts are amazing.
Looking for the real Whitechapel murders on the internet I found a beautiful page about where the murders took place, complete with then and now pictures:

Comment on Toonstruck article:
Jul 24, 2014

I can’t believe that such fantastic game could be bashed like this and receive such shameful score! Only at Adventure gamers!

Comment on Bik article:
Jackal Jackal
Jul 24, 2014

It’s not out on iOS yet.

Comment on Bik article:
Advie Advie
Jul 23, 2014

where is the App-Store link?

Comment on The Wolf Among Us: Episode Five - Cry Wolf article:
Jul 23, 2014

“I have to mention one of the final scenes. You are faced with a scenario where your own morals, judgement and authority is in question.”

It would have been nice if the game actually had supplied different answers. As it stands, there’s only one ending and a couple of cosmetic “shame on you” dialogue lines.

Comment on The Wolf Among Us: Episode Five - Cry Wolf article:
Jul 22, 2014

Disappointed on especially final episode. The first episode was brilliant, magnificent and pure joy. But as we moved closer and closer to the grand finale each episode lacked a bit of.. something. In my opinion they felt a bit rushed och chopped up. I rate Wolf among us episode 1 5 stars,  episode 2 4.5 stars.. and then the rest between 3 - 3.5

I find it very hard to rate this uneven episodic game. The walking dead season 1 was much easier since it felt like it was great till the very end.

Comment on The Fall article:
Conditional Love Conditional Love
Jul 22, 2014

The Voice Acting, The Graphics, The Writing (story, themes & dialogue) and most of the puzzles are excellent. But then you have all these annoyances which spoil the experience. The shooting sections are primitive. The controls are unnecessarily awkward (enable “Toggle action-whatever” helped me). The GUI isn’t great either: it made an early puzzle seem like I froze/crashed the game (it turns out the controls in the menu were locked, sigh).

It feels a lot like The Swapper except the puzzles are not self-contained to rooms, there are action scenes, and there is “find the objects to progress” adventure game mechanics. Ok, so not like The Swapper. Still a good game. 4 stars.

Comment on The Wolf Among Us: Episode Five - Cry Wolf article:
Conditional Love Conditional Love
Jul 22, 2014

5 Stars. A brilliant finish to an inspired series. The writing team and Art Direction should be applauded.

I have to mention one of the final scenes. You are faced with a scenario where your own morals, judgement and authority is in question. This is what TellTale is all about, it worked, and I feel like the conclusion of TheWolfAmongUS season paid off with a suitable ending whatever-you-chose (I hope it is season 1, please tell me there is a season 2).

Although there a few complaints but they are minor quibbles that are really due to the format of Telltale games For example the Author identified the story notifications as an annoyance. It might be a problem for the Author but I think it adds much needed clarity to the consequences. Other than that I don’t much like Action scenes in adventure games and Episode 5 has fairly involved action scenes.

Comment on The Moment of Silence article:
Jul 20, 2014

Wonderful game indeed. Great review too. Its so true there is few games thats good to play again and this one is it for sure. It’s so good that it make me look after similar games like Culpa Innata and Goin’ Downtown - this one is most similar to TMOS.

Comment on Resonance article:
PereGusna PereGusna
Jul 20, 2014

Awesome game, seriously. The story and the puzzles.

Comment on Lifeless Planet article:
PereGusna PereGusna
Jul 20, 2014

I loved this game completely. I played it on a huge HD monitor with my headphones on and man I felt I was really outt-space. Most of my friends dislike this game because there is no killing, or much dialog, but hey that’s what most non adventure gamers are into.

Give it a try, and be prepared to be in a Lifeless Planet, not in the Island of Mêlée.

Comment on Murdered: Soul Suspect article:
Jul 19, 2014

The story and presentation was first rate, the actual game play was less than stellar and the demon avoid sequences were beyond annoying.

I recommend to anyone who gets this to get the freely available trainer and turn on invisibility. The game will look normal but the demons can’t see you. This removes the annoying sequences and makes the game actually fun.

Only a 4 hour game if you are just doing the main story, insanely short considering the production values…

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