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Comment on Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick - Thimbleweed Park article:
Tuco the rat
Nov 21, 2014

Well, this is the best game news I’ve heard all year.  There’s no doubt this is going to be great.  I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment in supporting this.
Maniac Mansion and Zak Mckracken were very special games and based on the interview I think Gilbert and Winnick know how to recapture what those games had.

Comment on 15 Days article:
Nov 18, 2014

I have to desagree with the reviewer. I already played Moment of Silence and Overclocked and I found out that this game is as good as those. The game crashed on me only once (Win 7, i7, nVidia GTX 460). No big deal (the crash). The dialogs are great, as so the voice acting. The problem with the voices beeing so low can be reduced with you have a 5.1 surround system. Never had a problem with voices. The story is good. I definitly give at least a 3.5 or 4 stars to this one. And I’m very happy to, at least, have all 3 games from House of Tales.

Comment on Year Walk article:
Lenny Valentine
Nov 11, 2014

Wonderful game.  I love the blend of obscure myths with the dark and eerie art-style.  The one complaint I agree with is length - I beat the game in one day without any help or faq’s whatsoever.  This is sad, because I would have gladly played many more hours / days in this game’s world.

Comment on Video interview: Charles Cecil article:
crabapple crabapple
Nov 10, 2014

Sounds like he’d like to write a steampunk adventure game.

Comment on Video interview: Charles Cecil article:
Nov 9, 2014

Thank you!  Charles Cecil is always so interesting.  And it doesn’t hurt that he wrote some of my favorite games.

Comment on Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers - 20th Anniversary Edition article:
subbi subbi
Nov 5, 2014

Using statements like “should” and “doesn’t” sounds a bit like you are generalizing a very personal opinion, Incometrader. I hope you do realize that many people really enjoy the remake and are happy it has gotten made.

For me, if it wasn’t for the remake, I wouldn’t have delved into the world of Gabriel Knight again, so just for that it has been a great (re) experience.

I’m now actually replaying the original, that I haven’t played for at least 10 years. It’s amazing how much fun it is to play this after the remake: Some elements are better in the original, but some also very much improved in the remake.

What sticks is that both can co-exist with each edition their own strengths and weaknesses.  Every one can choose which version to play (and to ignore if so desired) one loses!

Comment on Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded article:
nickherc nickherc
Nov 4, 2014

I think the game is great for gamers who didn’t play the original. For those who did and even backed the project with their own money, it’s kind of a let down. Too little new content and they are charging 20$?

Comment on Demo floated early for Lucas Pope's Return of the Obra Dinn news:
Nov 4, 2014

its a rather striking visual style. And an intriguing storytelling style.

Comment on Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers - 20th Anniversary Edition article:
Nov 2, 2014

I never played the original so I have no idea how it compares but I found this version really very average.

The graphics are ok but the voice acting is just awful. I did force myself through it and despite the second half being slightly better, it never really paid off.

This is one old treasure that should have remained buried, it just doesn’t stack up to what’s available today.

Comment on Andrew Plotkin's Hadean Lands ventures forth on multiple platforms news:
Nov 1, 2014

Awesome! Zarf is an IF genius, looking forward to this title.

Comment on Dreamfall Chapters: Book One - Reborn article:
giom giom
Nov 1, 2014

I think this is actually an advantage of releasing episodically like they’re doing now. The latest patch solved most of the performance issues that people were having in the wild and I think people are less likely to have issues with the next books.

It’s extremely difficult to do QA across a big range of hardware with a low budget by releasing the first episode like this, they’ve been able to get feedback of bugs and fix them and by the time all books are released and the game is fully developed nobody will remember the issues during the first episode.

Comment on Dreamfall Chapters: Book One - Reborn article:
DrFrankenstein DrFrankenstein
Oct 31, 2014

Thank you for the preview, Emily. As exciting as it is that the wait for the next TLJ is nearly over, I think that it will be a mistake for Red Thread to release the game with such bugs and issues. Easier said than done, but I think they should push back on the release schedule to fix the engine up even if it means (temporarily) disappointing some of the most eager fans. Quality should not take back seat to content.

Comment on Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers - 20th Anniversary Edition article:
Oct 30, 2014

If you are new playing GK you’ll like this one, but i recommend everybody that beat the remake, if you can get the chance to play the original one do it, it is not just for the fact that its the original version but because this remake lacks of darkness because the comics don’t make any sense with the actual gameplay, the voice acting is not good at all, there’s some missing content in this game that you will love to see in the original one, Gabriel Knight Sins Of The Fathers is a very dark adventure game, and you’ll know what i mean when you play the original, this remake just killed a lot of the good things that the previous one had so it just has 3/5 for me, playing the original one again and enjoying it a lot!

Comment on Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers - 20th Anniversary Edition article:
Oct 29, 2014

The voiceacting ruined this game for me completely, played though it but never got into the game. Gabriel Knight’s voice was both annoying and inappropriate in an unfunny way, also the speech volume kept changing from character to character making you detached from the story.

All and all I endured the game due to that I loved the rest of the series but this is a Gabriel Knight game I will never replay

Comment on A Golden Wake article:
InspectorMustache InspectorMustache
Oct 29, 2014

I agree. I would say the story is bad but there isn’t really any story to talk about. You’re just running errands most of which don’t make any sense in regard to the general plot (e.g. stealing blue prints as part of a job interview) then there’s a text message telling you that four years have passed and then there’s more menial tasks. Writing is also pretty bad. 5 minutes before the protagonist decides everyone’s just walking all over him, all characters start talking in an over-the-top manner emphatically pressing the point how they’re walking all over him.

In my opinion this is by far the worst Wadjet Eye game so far. Voice acting is good but that’s pretty much the only thing. Kinda amazed at the rating here.

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