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Comment on Fire article:
Oscar Oscar
Apr 20, 2015

‘Crackles with creative charm’? More like reeks of rotten redundancy. I found no charm here, only a desperate and frankly insulting attempt to simplify and dumb down for the casual crowd. Go play Gobliiins instead.

Comment on Fire article:
Gabe Gabe
Apr 19, 2015

Charming release for 6 to 12 years of age spectrum.

Comment on Fire article:
lucebend lucebend
Apr 18, 2015

I agree. In terms of difficulty, FIRE’s puzzles are similar to normal AG logic puzzles. But since the game is stripped of inventory, NPC’s, locations… They seem easier than they would in normal AG.

Comment on The Blackwell Epiphany article:
Apr 18, 2015

It’s a very good game. Definitely the best of the series.

The highlight as for the whole series is the story writing. There is a lot of charm in the way Dave Gilbert presents us problems of regular people, often troubled ones. They’re very easy to emphasize and often touching. The game is dialogue heavy, but they are so good and believable you don’t feel overwhelmed by them at all. This episode is longer than the previous ones (it took me 7-10 hours to complete it), The bigger multitude of threads that comes with it makes the plot even more interesting.

The puzzles are harder than in the first episodes of the series. That’s good, because the early Blackwell games were disappointingly easy. I’d say the difficulty in this ones is somewhere on an intermediate level, which, at least, shouldn’t leave anyone too disappointed. I have bigger reservations about the variety of the puzzles. There are few interesting ones but most feel bit repetitive. Most tasks focus on dialogues, observing the environment for clues and Joey’s moving various items by blowing. There are also few depending on using items from you inventory, but as you never carry more than 5 items, they’re very straightforward.

The most disappointing aspect for me was that the human-oriented touching story is getting grandiose proportions at the end. It’s like the authors felt unsure if that low-profile basic plot was enough worthwhile for the players. It was for me, while I completely lost emotional touch with it in the finale.

Still my review seems to talk more about bad points than the good ones, while I mostly enjoyed the game very much, eagerly going through the whole series to find out how it ends. To turn that into number’s I’d rate Epiphany 4.0/5.

I’ll be waiting for another games from Dave Gilbert. If you work on the puzzles to make the gameplay somehow more variable and challenging, you could create some really great games.

Comment on Fire article:
Advie Advie
Apr 18, 2015

a good approach from Daedalic, need to be taken more seriously.

I don’t believe it could be described as a “low challenge”, keeping in mind (when) you got mostly 3 screens ‘only’ to accomplish a puzzle; more difficult than this and it would have had been ridiculous. 

Comment on Tormentum: Dark Sorrow article:
Jackal Jackal
Apr 16, 2015

Platform lists include any the developers have formally announced, not just the ones currently available. (Otherwise, unreleased games would have no platforms listed.)

Comment on Tormentum: Dark Sorrow article:
Darko Miletic
Apr 16, 2015

The technical description of the game is misleading. Right now it is only available for Windows and OSX. No linux mentioned anywhere.

Comment on Game of Thrones article:
Simplex Simplex
Apr 16, 2015

“You can imagine how I feel about my 100 bucks I paid for Dreamfall at this point heh”

I am ignoring the fact that Dreamfall was divided into episodes, treating it as a delay. I will play the whole game once all the episodes are released, and as a bonus it will be more polished game thanks to the patches that appeared in the meantime.

Comment on A Golden Wake article:
Apr 16, 2015

I don’t think this game was worth of the reviewer’s 4 stars. Wadjet Eye games have got an array of exciting adventure games all of which have a gripping story and memorable characters. ’ A Golden Wake’ has little to no plot, and personally I could not seem to relate with the protagonist in any way. The gameplay is pretty weak too, as it justs consists of carrying out tasks or this and that, not what a real adventure should consist of. Also the puzzles were pretty elementary.

On a brighter note, I quite enjoyed the 20’s settings and the retro graphics as they make it feel all old - timey and all.  And well, I take back some of the harshness in the previous paragraph - the game still has an element fun in it, it is just not for hardcore adventure lovers. I personally felt disappointed mostly due to the fact that I LOVE Wadjet Eye games and I expected something more out of them.  But I guess it would suffice for a casual Sunday afternoon.

Comment on Game of Thrones article:
Simplex Simplex
Apr 16, 2015

” I’m still of the mindset that choice is just a thinly veiled illusion, affecting only the most trivial of details”

In other words, you realised how choices work in all telltale games to date Smile

Comment on The Blackwell Convergence article:
Apr 15, 2015

The plot is really nice, the most complex and entertaining in the saga so far. The gameplay and puzzles are even more simplified than in the first 2 installments though, which is no compliment.

Usually I don’t care about playing games that easy, but this one has it’s charm. The other reason is I’ve read raving things about Blackwell: Epiphany and would like to finish other parts before starting the last one.

I’d give the game 3/5.

Comment on Life is Strange article:
Detective Mosely Detective Mosely
Apr 14, 2015

Agree with the review.  I left this game less excited about the series, despite it fixing some of the problems I had with the first one (i.e. super awkward sounding dialogue)

I’m still hopeful, but so far I don’t feel like they’re near as good as telling a story as Telltale is.  (despite being better at the gameplay elements)

Comment on The Next BIG Thing article:
Apr 14, 2015

3.5 stars while Larry Reloaded gets 4? Sigh. TNBT’s design is just amazing, and I mean the overall design, not just the graphics. Regarding the puzzles, I remember some great moments where I arrived at the solution by stopping and thinking for a bit. One: we need to locate a missing person. We have an item belonging to that person. And nearby there is a…aha! Two: we need the contents of the safe. But it seems that we cannot do anything to open the safe…aha! That’s good puzzle design.

Comment on Edna & Harvey: The Breakout article:
Apr 13, 2015

Thia game is brilliant. People in the comments seem to agree that 3.5 is definetely underratation for that game. I’m giving it 4.5.

The story is one of the most genuine aspects of the game and the best one encountered in any comic adventure game I’ve played. As already mentioned despite the childish looks and really lots of humor, the story is dark and deals with mature themes of innocence and dangers of childhood, maturing and sanity. It’s interesting, not banal (which is one of the biggest problems with current mainstream adventures for me). Few moments are so touching that I feel those images will stay with me for a long time.

The other aspect that made me love it so much is the amount of interactivity. It’s huge! There are a lot of locations, lots of items in them. Every combination of using an item on the other one gives you different dialogue and none of those lines feel cheap or uninspired. You really feel that this game was a the child of love of it’s creators.

The interface is simplified version of the one from LucasArts’ SCUMM system. It consists of 4 actions (verbs) that you can choose and perfofrm on every item and person. It may not be the quickest one, but allows pretty lot of interactivity, which seem to be goal of the authors. I also think it’s worth the effort, finding the lack of interactivity other huge problem of the current adventure games.

The puzzles are excellently balanced. The amount of things you can do and non-linearity in the middle of the game accounts to the fact that the game is challenging (and that’s what adventure games should be!). The puzzles itself are very fair and logical in themselves though.

I liked the audio-visuals very much. 2D graphics looks a little cheap but cute and definetely have it’s character. They fit the game overall mood very well. There’s lots of spoken dialogue (or monologues) and the voice acting is very solid (I played English version), The music is sparse, but when it appears it always succeeds in creating moods. The childhood theme in the tempomorphs is especially moving.

The game has some technical problems indeed. It lags a little when loading between screens. I also encountered an error where game would hang out, when trying to move dishes labels in the menu (I found out the solution on the forum: you have to change language from German to English for that moment). The problems weren’t that much distracting to weaken my experience with the game though. Still I know I’m not the guy who’s after technical exellence in games.

As you can deduce and see from screenshots the game has those lo-fi/DIY/punk aesthetics. That is something that I find lovely and fitting the other game elements very well, but I realize it may put some gamers off. Especially the ones who really dig the polished aesthetics of current mainstream titles.

I don’t know how to name the reason of me taking away half star from the rating. It simply feels lacking a little bit of something to reach that imperfect perfection (and I don’t mean technical problems at all).

Still it’s a brilliant game, one of the best I’ve played. Totally recommend it to everyone, especially people looking for an alternative to the shortcomings of current mainstream games.

Comment on Year Walk article:
Apr 11, 2015

Wow… I’ve just finished it (PC version with companion app already integrated in) and it’s hard to put info words. Such a beautiful experience.

After finishing Riven few weeks ago I felt it’d be awfuly hard for video games to still impress me, but this game proved it wrong.

And even aside the experience, technically the game is perfect as well. Wonderful puzzles that blend so well into the story. One of the most beautiful audio-visuals I’ve ever seen.

I totally recommend everyone to play it.

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