Aggie Awards

The Aggie Awards - The Best Adventure Games of 2014

Article updated Friday, February 20th. Already read about Day One and Day Two? Skip straight ahead to the final day's presentation!

Now that most of the other poseurs have had their chance, it’s time for the only hardware presentation that REALLY matters: the Aggie Awards from Adventure Gamers!  Sure, there may be better-dressed celebrities at those other events, but they also have longer speeches and commercials. Most importantly, you’re actually invited to this ceremony! After all, these are your awards as much as ours.

We didn’t get all the comebacks we anticipated in 2014, but thanks largely to the crowdfunding phenomenon, a few of the genre’s titans made welcome returns to the fold. But just as the real Titans discovered, there are always younger (experientially speaking), hungrier up-and-comers eager to overthrow them. The result was a brutal battle of ballots to the last game standing.

For all this talk about triumph and defeat, however, really there are no losers here. We don’t mean in that “everyone gets a ribbon just for showing up” way either. Just reaching this stage is already a tremendous accomplishment for the developers involved. This is a chance to applaud all the fine work on display throughout 2014, with a special acknowledgement reserved for a final few. So check any (potential) outrage at the door, and join us for the fun and frivolity.

The awards presentation will run daily from Wednesday through Friday, so don’t wander off!

First up: a special music presentation from Tom Felbar.

And now, let us commence the 2014 Aggie Awards, dedicated to our dear friend and colleague, Astrid Beulink.

Table of Contents

Day One

Page 1: You’re looking at it
Page 2: Best Story
Page 3: Best Writing – Comedy
Page 7: Best Concept


Day Two

Page 8: Best Setting
Page 9: Best Graphic Design
Page 10: Best Animation
Page 11: Best Music
Page 12: Best Voice Acting
Page 13: Best Sound Effects


Day Three

Page 14: The Silver Aggies
Page 15: Best Console/ Handheld Adventure (Exclusive)
Page 16: Best Non-Traditional Adventure
Page 17: Best Traditional Adventure
Page 18: Best Adventure of 2014
Page 19: Final Notes

First up: Best Story... the envelope, please!

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